Hunter Wheel Balancing, if you have a balancing problem let the TyreShop solve it.


Here at The TyreShop we have invested in the very latest state-of-the-art computerised Wheel balancing equipment by the industry leader Hunter. Should you have an issue with your vehicles wheel balance, rest assure our expert technicians will be able to fix it.

How can you tell if wheels are out of balance? First signs that wheels are not balanced correctly is if your steering wheel starts to wobble/vibrate above certain speeds, or you notice uneven tyre wear. Our wheel balancing service will be able to eliminate any problems and correctly balance your wheels resulting in a more smoother comfortable ride and increase the life of your tyres. Electronic Wheel balancing is included with all new tyres purchased at The TyreShop.

If you notice any steering wheel vibrations at certain speeds or experience uneven tyre wear your wheels may need balancing.


Improves your Vehicles Handling
Corrects Wheel Vibration Problems
Increases Tyre Life
Help maximise Fuel Efficiency


For the ultimate wheel balancing check out our Road Force Variation Balancing service which simulates how your tyre rotates under actual road driving conditions.

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To keep the tyre tread in constant contact with the road, the wheel and tyre have to be correctly balanced. On the road, wheel imbalance can actually lift the tyre from contact with the road creating vibration through the steering wheel, causing steering and braking problems. This vibration causes high-pressure stress in the steering, hub assemblies and suspension, resulting in excessive mechanical wear and high fuel consumption as well as tyre wear.

Incorrect wheel balance can be easily corrected by our state-of-the-art Hunter wheel balancer which rotates the tyre and wheel and accurately measures the imbalance. The balancing machine then calculates the exact position where small metal counter balance weights should be added which evens things up and correctly balances the tyre.

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